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When You Will Need to Renew Your Medicare Coverage

When You Will Need to Renew Your Medicare Coverage

Normally, once you’re enrolled in Medicare, you will not have to renew your coverage each year so long as you continue paying necessary premiums. Whether you are availing Medicare Advantage Plan, Original Medicare, or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, your coverage will automatically renew.

But, there are occasions when some plans are exceptions to this automatic renewal. If you encounter a similar situation, you can always seek the help of our Medicare Consultants in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

As a Medicare Insurance in Pennsylvania, the following are some reasons the said plans may not be subject to the automatic renewal:

  • Your plan no more covers your location, which may be due to the reduced scope of service areas.
  • Your plan simply doesn’t renew its Medicare contract for the year to come.
  • Your plan leaves the Medicare program in the middle of the year.
  • Medicare itself terminates its contract with your plan.

However, if you availed Medicare Advantage and didn’t enroll for a new plan the time that your current plan ends its contract with Medicare Supplement Plans, your coverage will simply return to Original Medicare automatically.

Let a Health Insurance Broker such as Medicare Professional Advisors help you better understand your coverage.

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