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Things to Know About Extra Help Paying for Part D

Things to Know About Extra Help Paying for Part D

There are a lot of paying Medicare patients who might have a limited income. They can best get help from a health insurance broker in Allentown, Pennsylvania, like the Medicare Professional Advisors. Experts will direct them to get Extra Help to help them achieve out-of-the-pocket payment for their prescription medications.

The Extra Help part of the plan is automatically given to those who are enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid as reported by the National Council on Aging. Medicare consultants in Pennsylvania consider those who are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicare Savings Program members of Extra Help, too.

The beneficiary who is eligible to receive the amount from this program should learn more about the variable outcome. It would be dependent on what resources and income that the beneficiaries have. Some will get a full-subsidy, while others get a partial-subsidy.

Here’s what to expect from people who qualify:

  • No premiums
  • No deductibles (unless receiving the partial-subsidy)
  • No more than $8.95 in 2020 for each drug their plan covers.

Aside from these benefits, beneficiaries have the following special rights:

  • A quarterly Special Enrollment Period
    It usually happens once in every three (3) months between January – September. Plus, you get a chance to enroll during the Annual Open Enrollment period.
  • No Part D late enrollment penalty
    Even if the beneficiaries enroll late, they get no penalty after they become eligible for the Part D plan and if they did not get other coverage plans for prescription drugs.

An expert in Medicare insurance can help you sort this out. They know to teach you the basics up until the complexities of these processes. You can send us a message today.

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