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Medicare Fraud: Safety and Prevention Tips


Each day, you make important choices about your finances, health, privacy, and more. As professional Medicare Consultants in Pennsylvania, we want to help our clients make informed decisions about their Medicare plans.

Unfortunately, there are several things that can get in the way of that, such as Medicare fraud.
Here are some things you can do to prevent this unfortunate incident from happening to you or your loved ones:

  • Know Your Rights
    As a Medicare Insurance holder, you have certain protections that shield you and give you access to the health care services you need and deserve. Learn more about your rights here.
  • Protect Your Identity
    Keep details such as your Social Security Number, bank account information, and Medicare data safe and confidential. Only tell important people involved in your care such as your family members and health care provider.
  • Work with a Professional
    A licensed Health Insurance Broker in Allentown, Pennsylvania can help you and your loved ones make better, well-informed decisions. Medicare consultants have access to a rich source of valuable information. With their help, you can learn more about your Medicare plan and avoid falling into traps set by opportunistic scammers.

Contact Medicare Professional Advisors to set an appointment with our office, today!

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