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All About Medicare-Covered Durable Medical Equipment

All About Medicare-Covered Durable Medical Equipment

It is Medicare Part B that covers patients’ expenses for medical supplies and equipment usually covering long-lasting medical items such as pacemakers, hospital beds, wheelchairs, commode chairs, oxygen supplies, neck and back braces, and more. Although Medicare Insurance doesn’t cover disposable supplies, there are some exemptions.

Medicare Consultants in Pennsylvania lists down the following necessary medical supplies’ functions and characteristics to qualify for Medicare coverage:

  • The supplies and equipment should be for necessity and not just for convenience.
  • The items should be prescribed by your physician, nurse practitioner, or healthcare provider.
  • They shouldn’t be just easily used by any person who isn’t injured or ill.
  • They should likely last for three years or more.
  • They must be appropriate items to use at home.
  • They should be bought from suppliers that Medicare approves.

Take note that a doctor’s certification stating the medical necessity is a prerequisite to certain medical equipment such as a seat lift or oxygen equipment. Otherwise, Medicare will deny coverage.

Make sure that you know which suppliers in your area are Medicare-approved to lessen your medical expenses. Medicare Professional Advisors is a Health Insurance Broker in Allentown, Pennsylvania that will help you with these concerns.

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